Brains and Beauty

Puresurface worked with SIGVARIS, the world’s leading compression hosiery brand, to develop a fresh consumer facing website as well as a visual identity fit for digital and a viral video produced entirely in 3D. the positioning, visual identity and primary packaging. Puresurface conducted market and consumer research, as well as a thorough color study to come up with an optimal design strategy for the new website.

We helped SIGVARIS to expand their consumer base, and devised ways to facilitate SIGVARIS’ entry into the beauty market. Puresurface created a more versatile and fashionable look for the SIGVARIS product lines, while maintaining the integrity of brand. We also developed a microsite for the brand to introduce the new beauty-centric concept.

By overseeing the creative direction of the style guides, photo shoots and design work, Puresurface helped SIGVARIS achieve a streamlined and modern look for its micro-site, which will in turn bring the company to the attention of a whole new demographic.