Popfuse Mobile Games

With thousands of daily users and high chart positions in multiple countries the PopFuse series of mobile games is a hit. True to the PopFuse mantra of wrapping fresh pop culture media into playable experiences, PopFuse is the ultimate mobile game for pop culture and celebrity fanatics.

Gameplay is fun, fast and free. Guess from our huge library of photos covering all your favorite Celebrities and Stars from the worlds of Music, TV and Movies. Prove your knowledge of current celebrities. No other game features more fresh Celebrity Images. In the latest version, players can unlock their favorite Celeb images after correctly answered questions. Via the global leader board, they can compete with fans all over the world.

Stay tuned as more exciting PopFuse content is in the pipe line.

PopFuse Celebs is available on iTunes and Google Play now in US and Chinese versions.

Get the US version at iTunes here

Get the Chinese version at iTunes here

Get the US version at Google Play here

Get the Chinese version at Google Play here