PopFuse: Create Play Love

New York based PopFuse is a gaming platform that empowers publishers, businesses and consumers to easily create media-rich casual games such as quizzes and embed them anywhere for free. PopFuse already features a huge catalog of games covering pop culture, entertainment, sports, viral stories, politics, trivia and more. The games are highly shareable and work great on mobile devices.

For users, PopFuse is the platform that lets them play the content they love. For publishers, PopFuse is a great way to drive traffic and social shares by giving their readers fun, interactive experiences around their existing content. PopFuse now provides the tools to enable anyone to create and embed these types of experiences.

Bringing the PopFuse experience to life required developing a powerful backend, capable of handling tens of thousands users at any given time. The games had to be fun and responsive and the creation tools needed to be comprehensive and easy to use. To achieve these goals, the PopFuse platform was built from the ground on up using ASP.NET and Angular JS technologies to deliver innovative creation tools to publishers and users alike. The end result is a thriving global platform and a world class set of creation tools.