Home organizing products are usually faceless and somewhat identical. No one brand stands out in particular. Go into any department store and find a large wall of boxes, differentiated mostly by price and function.

Neatfreak seeks to change all that. Neatfreak is the Canadian-based global leader in home organization products. With smart and affordable products ranging from closet organizers to clothing hangers, Neatfreak helps consumers to control the chaos in their homes and find harmony in their everyday lives. They design their products in-house and offer incredibly smart solutions to everyday organizational problems we all face.

Netafreak approached Puresurface to create a promotional video that would capture not just the products and solutions but also the improved lifestyle they afford consumers.

Puresurface used a montage approach, combining 3D and 2D animation, and live action footage to bring the Neatfreak vision to life.

See outtakes from the resulting video in our company montage