We have helped large and up and coming new brands reach there goals in social media. We built the Facebook fans for UR POWERED, makers of touchscreen gloves, from zero to 13,654 in less than 3 months. Do you know how most companies are spending their money on Facebook? The answer is through ads that either takes people back to their site or to their fan page, right? And although you are correct, I bet you didn’t know that most of these companies are losing money from their Facebook campaigns.

Here are some tips you can follow to increase likes while engaging and entertaining customers: Post with less than 80 characters to get 23% more interaction. Also note, a good Facebook strategy doesn’t just display products or push services. It targets a clear customer and tells a story that appeals to that person. Did you know Posting Quotes is a great way as well to get 100% more likes and 19% more shares? Another good way is Contests. Did you know 35% of Facebook fans enjoy contests and will participate in contests. This is a great way for them to try your product and become your customer. Did you know that you could acquire 77% more customers through utilizing Facebook effectively? Contact us and we will set up a consultation.